Frequently Asked Questions
When searching for a Lansing, Grand Rapids Disc Jockey, you should consider several factors before booking:

Will my DJ play specific songs that I want to hear?

With Music Unlimited you can pick every song that is played at your wedding reception celebration. You can even let us know what songs you don’t want to hear. We also like to get your input on how you’d like us to handle requests from your guests. It’s simple – at Music Unlimited it will be done the way you want!

How will my DJ be dressed?

Our standard apparel is tuxedo unless otherwise specified.

Do they provide lighting and a wireless mic for toasts and speeches?

At Music Unlimited we provide intelligent LED lighting to enhance the atmosphere and energize the dance floor. We use the best wireless mics in the business to ensure that there is no annoying feedback or microphone failure during a toast or speech. Lights and wireless microphone are standard equipment at no additional fee.

Does the DJ bring backup equipment in the event of a breakdown?

We bring along extra speakers, amplifier and microphone as backup in case of equipment failure. We don’t take any chances.

Will my DJ take care of all the details and formalities at my event?

We are attentive to the flow of the reception and dance floor activities throughout the evening. Coordinating the activities at your event with the photographer, caterer, banquet staff and videographer are all part of our professional services. We do all the announcing, from the grand entrance for the bride and groom to how the tables will be released for dinner. We discuss everything in advance, including the music selections, the amount of interaction you prefer, and the timeline of you reception.

Will my DJ travel out of town?

Whether you’re in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor or Kalamazoo, our fun, professional DJ’s at Music Unlimited will come to you with state-of-the-art sound equipment and impressive lighting to make your bridal party celebration the best ever.